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Uniqlo and German designer Jil Sander reuniting for new collection

The Japanese casual wear brand and the designer known for her minimalist style last released a +J collection in 2011.

Uniqlo and German designer Jil Sander reuniting for new collection

Fashion designer Jil Sander is collaborating with Japanese casual wear brand Uniqlo again. (Photo: KAZUHIRO NOGI / AFP)

Japanese casual wear brand Uniqlo and German designer Jil Sander are working together once again nine years after they ended their last collaboration in 2011.

Uniqlo announced the renewed tie-up in a media release on Wednesday (Aug 26), with the +J collection slated for launch in the fall season, which means it should drop soon. 

The brand revealed that the collection will be made up of “versatile, exceptional pieces for women and men” and that it will “define the global modern uniform with understatement and ease.”

Uniqlo and Sander first collaborated 11 years ago in 2009, a relationship that lasted three years. The collaboration was known for staples such as white shirts, black pants and blazers.

Sander herself is known for her minimalist style. In an interview with Uniqlo, she said that her creativity relies on the fitting and experimenting with fabrics. 

With developments in material and production techniques, there's a need for different cuts and patterns for new fabrics.

“Without necessarily being able to explain the zeitgeist, I can sense the need for contemporary sophistication. I feel today’s magnetisms, tensions and harmonies,” she said.

Source: CNA/sr