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Cathay Pacific to give away 80,000 air tickets to Hong Kong in Southeast Asia, 12,500 for Singapore residents

Here's your chance to score a ticket as given out as part of the "Hello Hong Kong" campaign. You'll still have to pay taxes and surcharges.

Cathay Pacific to give away 80,000 air tickets to Hong Kong in Southeast Asia, 12,500 for Singapore residents

A Cathay Pacific airplane taxis along the new third runway at Hong Kong International Airport in Hong Kong, Friday, Nov. 25, 2022. (AP Photo/Vernon Yuen)

Itching to fly to Hong Kong to yum cha but don't want to pay for a flight? 

Cathay Pacific has announced details on how you can get a chance to get one of the 500,000 air tickets to be given out in support of the Hong Kong Tourism Board's "Hello Hong Kong" campaign to welcome back tourists.

A total of 80,000 of these round-trip air tickets will be earmarked for Southeast Asia, 12,500 of which will go to Singapore residents.

The campaign – called World of Winners – will launch in phases for Southeast Asia, beginning with Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines on Mar 1, 2 and 3, respectively. Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia are next, in stages, two weeks later.

To qualify for a ticket, you must be a Cathay member (sign up via the website).

You then have to go to the World of Winners campaign website, sign in with your Cathay membership details and answer three questions correctly.

The campaign in Singapore runs from noon on Mar 2 to 11.59pm on Mar 8, local time. 

The prize will be awarded to the first 12,500 entrants with correct answers. 

Cathay Pacific has stated that participants will still have to pay relevant taxes and surcharges.

PS: Each member is only allowed one entry and the winners will be announced on the campaign website on Mar 20.

You'll also get an email informing you of your win.

Country Campaign state date*
Winner announcement
Thailand Mar 1 Mar 17
Singapore Mar 2 Mar 20
Philippines Mar 3 Mar 21
Indonesia Mar 15 Mar 31
Malaysia Mar 16 Apr 3
Vietnam Mar 17 Apr 4
Cambodia Mar 18 Apr 5

*All campaigns start at noon local time

Editor's note: The headline of this article has been amended as Cathay Pacific has clarified that winners must pay relevant taxes and surcharges.
Source: CNA