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One in two Singaporeans are adventurous travellers, according to survey

Singaporeans are shying away from the usual capital cities and opting to explore lesser-known cities, made possible by various low-cost carrier options.

One in two Singaporeans are adventurous travellers, according to survey

Natural Indonesia (Photo: Skyscanner)

Nearly one in two Singaporeans are adventurous travellers, eager to explore new destinations around the world. This was one of the findings from an online survey conducted by travel search engine Skyscanner, which gathered responses from 511 Singaporeans as part of its APAC Travel Trends Report for this year.  

Despite being typecast as urban-dwelling creatures of habit, Singaporeans were surprisingly adventurous when identifying potential travel destinations. 45 percent of Singaporeans surveyed said they were eager to try new activities while on vacation.

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When asked for their travel plans in 2019, 82 percent said they were planning to visit a new destination for the first time, citing off-the-beaten-track destinations like Ethiopia, Guatemala, Iran and Yemen to name a few.

Even those who planned to revisit a destination (18 percent) said they would experience it differently, including doing a road trip to explore parts of the country unknown to them.

To Singaporeans, adventure takes on many forms.

18 percent of Singaporeans polled have travelled solo or have a desire to do so, 17 percent have flown on a hot-air balloon or have thought of doing so and 14 percent would like to hike a mountain or have lived to tell the tale.

More than half (58 percent) said they were willing to spend up to S$500 on an adventurous element on their travels, while a quarter (21 percent) would spend even S$1,000 or more.

Nepal (Photo: Skyscanner)

While Singaporean’s top travel destinations have mostly remained unchanged –with Bangkok, Thailand and Tokyo – Japan fronting the list, wanderlust has crept up among travellers, revealing surprising search data.

Singaporeans’ pre-trip search habits have placed Dubrovnik in Croatia, Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia and Berlin, Germany among the country’s top 10 emerging destinations for 2019, according to year-on-year search growth.

Also on the list are Moscow (Russia), Athens (Greece), Bacolod (Philippines), Hiroshima (Japan), Jinjiang (China) and Padang (Indonesia).

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Source: CNA/gl