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Blackpink’s Lisa makes solo debut with record 97m views and counting

The rapper-singer also paid tribute to her home country by wearing Thai traditional costume and incorporating Thai dance in her video.

Blackpink’s Lisa makes solo debut with record 97m views and counting

Lisa wore a custom traditional outfit designed by Asava, a Thai brand which takes pride in adding modern sensibilities to Thai traditional dresses. (Photo: Instagram/@sooyaaa__)

Lisa of K-pop girl group Blackpink released her debut solo, Lalisa, on Friday (Sep 10). The star, whose real name is Lalisa Manoban, paid tribute to her home country in the music video.

From the choreography to her outfit, the 24-year-old brought attention to her Thai roots, giving credit to the country she grew up in. 

The three-and-a-half minute music video not only had Lisa wearing a beautiful custom-made traditional costume, the talented choreographer also added elements of traditional Thai dance. 

The costume was designed by Thai brand Asava, and made using Thai brocade silk. 

The brand, which specialises in creating modern versions of traditional Thai dresses, said the costume also featured “delicately woven” patterns from the province of Lamphun in upper Northern Thailand. 

The brand revealed on Instagram that the delicate piece is hand-embroidered, using Swarovski crystals.

“I was talking to producer Teddy Park and wanted to put a Thai vibe in my song, and he came up with an arrangement that had the perfect Thai mood. I loved it,” said Lisa to UK newspaper Metro and other media on Friday. 

She is the third member of Blackpink to go solo, following Jennie, who released Solo in Nov 2018, and Rose, who released On The Ground and Gone this year. 

Lisa’s Thai fans have labelled her a national icon – for good reason. 

The star was born in the Thai province of Buriram and grew up in the country before scoring a life-changing audition by South Korean record label YG Entertainment in 2010.

She was 13 years old then, and has never looked back. 

“She's iconic, a queen and a legend,” said a comment on the official music video of Lalisa on YouTube.

The other members of Blackpink also celebrated Lisa’s debut, with a beautiful floral bouquet from Rose and a dedicated post from Jisoo, saying “I love you” and “I am proud of you”.

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