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Up your cooking game with the Panasonic PRIME+ Edition refrigerator

Thanks to Prime Freeze technology, home cooks can look forward to working with ingredients that keep better, and taste fresher.

Up your cooking game with the Panasonic PRIME+ Edition refrigerator

With its unique chilling modes and smart design, the Panasonic PRIME+ Edition is a powerful ally to eating better and healthier. Photos: Panasonic

Folks who enjoy whipping up a storm at home usually prefer cooking with fresh ingredients over frozen ones. And for good reason – freezer burn, the process where moisture gets lost from the food during freezing, purportedly makes food less flavourful.

Fortunately, remarkable advances in technology and design have helped elevate the home cooking experience – so much so that delicious frozen food is no longer an oxymoron.


Professional chefs have been serving up juicy cuts even when working with frozen meats, thanks in part to the superior chilling technology found in commercial kitchens. With Panasonic’s PRIME+ Edition premium line of refrigerators and its game-changing Prime Freeze feature, flash freeze capabilities are now possible at home.

Panasonic’s Prime Freeze system comprises three modes within a single compartment: Rapid Freezing, Quick Cooling and Cool Down.

Rapid Freezing, as its name implies, induces a quick freeze that is five times faster than regular models, says Panasonic. The use of a powerful dedicated airflow duct and aluminium plate accelerates the freezing process, resulting in minimal ice crystals formed within the cellular structure of your produce. This means meat and vegetables are better able to retain their taste, texture and colour.  

The benefits of Rapid Freezing go beyond epicurean enjoyment. Not only are more nutrients preserved, one will feel the difference during meal prep. Portion out your desired amount easily every time – flash-frozen meats are easier to handle, and items like berries and cut lettuce will not clump, so salads and smoothies are a cinch to make.


Freezing is often the last resort for fried food and bread – the former loses its crunch while the latter gives up its soft, springy chewiness. Rapid Freezing makes this a thing of the past.

By quickly freezing moisture in place, crispy batter does not turn soggy. Bread remains fluffy and chewy after being warmed up, as its natural moisture has been locked in. For time-strapped folks, especially those living alone who have to cook in sizeable portions, Rapid Freezing doesn’t penalise for such reasonable decisions.

With the Quick Cooling mode in Prime Freeze, you can speed up marinating processes – in as little as 15 minutes – as marinades work faster in lower temperatures. Fancy yourself a quick chilled pudding or fruit jelly? The feature works just as well to serve up sweet treats to satisfy last-minute cravings or unexpected guests.

Reversely, Cool Down works to swiftly dissipate heat (up to 70 degree Celsius) so you can handle hot food in a jiffy. This is great for when you’ve got freshly cooked items that you want to store into individual containers for consumption another day – bacterial growth on food is reduced with speedy handling.

The Panasonic PRIME+ Edition refrigerators support Prime Freeze with another dedicated compartment – Prime Fresh. The section is set at minus 3 degree Celsius for a soft freezing effect, letting meat and fish stay fresh for as long as seven days, yet be easily thawed for quick prep.

Adding next-level hygiene to your food is Panasonic’s nanoe X technology. PRIME+ Edition refrigerators use nano-sized ions containing 4.8 trillion molecules that inhibit bacteria, suppress odours and even dislodge pesticides on vegetables and fruits so that they can be more easily washed away with water.

With its unique chilling modes and smart design, the Panasonic PRIME+ Edition is more than just a designer addition to your kitchen; it’s a powerful ally to eating better and healthier.

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With the PRIME+ Edition refrigerator and its Prime Freeze system, homeowners have new options to store food in an optimal manner. Video: Panasonic

Up your culinary skills and eat better with Panasonic PRIME+ Edition refrigerators.