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Actress Sora Ma gets her wedding banquet in Singapore – while still keeping her hubby's identity a secret

The actress and her mystery businessman husband held an intimate wedding dinner on Jul 24 and we're impressed that everyone, including her guests, have continued to keep "Mr R"'s identity a secret. That's squad goals for you.

Actress Sora Ma gets her wedding banquet in Singapore – while still keeping her hubby's identity a secret

Photo from Sora Ma's (third from left) wedding dinner with the phrase "handsome man" laid over her husband, who's been blurred out of the picture. (Screengrab: Instagram/@cherylfongmeizhen)

Malaysian actress Sora Ma has us wishing we had that many friends who knew how to keep a secret, too. 

The 38-year-old former Mediacorp artiste, who announced in June 2021 that she was getting married to her Singaporean businessman beau and officially tied the knot on Oct 13 that year, finally got the wedding banquet the couple deserved after all the pandemic restrictions on both sides of the Causeway.

But there was something – or rather, someone – glaringly missing from all the photos from the intimate wedding dinner with only 14 tables of guests, that was held at the Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel on Sunday (Jul 24). 

Ma’s new hubby, who’s only been known to the media as a “Mr R” in his 40s, was either deftly censored or altogether left out of pictures that went up on social media. 

He was even absent from her Instagram post, where she thanked family, friends and fans in Chinese for “all (their) blessings” and mused: “Step by step, (we’ll) take it easy and cherish it.” 

While most netizens congratulated Ma on her wedding, some were a little... less charitable. On 8 Days’ Instagram post covering her wedding, one speculated that “the hubby (was) not handsome” and lamented the stress that her guests might have felt, having to censor his face. 

The reason for her concealing his identity is much simpler, though. When news of her engagement first came out, Ma told 8 Days: “As an actor, I feel that we should draw a line between our personal lives and career.  

“I’m very lucky that he understands and respects my job, and I also didn’t want him to be affected since he’s not a public figure. And I’ve also seen other celebs around me go public with their relationships only to end up getting negatively affected by all the attention and scrutiny. I didn’t want to risk that.” 

To their credit, the guests at Ma’s wedding dinner – including actors Hong Huifang, Zheng Geping, Tay Kewei and Brandon Wong – were more than willing to keep “Mr R”’s identity a mystery.

While Tay and her husband Alfred Sim took the time to sing a song for the newlyweds, Ma herself took to the stage to sing her song Be A Woman Who Doesn't Know Anything.

Subtle hint, maybe, that ignorance is bliss both in marriage and when it comes to the rest of us regular folks who might get a little too nosy about celebrities' lives.

Source: CNA/mm