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Where to get the best men’s suits in Singapore – from off-the-rack to bespoke options

Gentlemen, it might be time to update the formal wear in your closet. CNA Lifestyle suggests the best places to get a suit.

Where to get the best men’s suits in Singapore – from off-the-rack to bespoke options

Because the clothes make the man. (Photo: Instagram/Brunello Cucinelli)

Despite how post-pandemic dress codes have taken a more casual turn, a suit remains a necessity for many occasions, whether for work or personal events including weddings and cocktails. If yours had been languishing in the closet since we started working from home and staying in, it’s high time you took it out for a quick check now that social events have pretty much returned in full force.

If your suit checks even just one or two of these boxes below, dude, it’s high time to chuck it out.


This one’s obvious – you’ve bulked up, gained or lost weight recently, and alterations are either not possible or not worth the cost of getting them done as compared to getting a new one made.


Like jeans that have lost their stretch and shape, a saggy-looking suit that has lost its structure with wear over time can look extremely shoddy. Toss it out if it no longer makes you look as sharp as it used to.


A well-made suit of good quality will last for a reasonably long time, unless it is worn too frequently. If you notice that the colour is faded and the fabric is looking the worse for wear, it’s definitely time to part ways with your suit.


Perhaps your style sensibilities have changed over time, or maybe you made the mistake of going for a suit style or colour that’s not quite as timeless as you previously thought it was. Whichever it is, if you no longer feel good wearing it, don’t hold on to it for longer than you should.


A suit is an important piece in your wardrobe, and something that you wear on occasions when you need to present the best side of yourself. In other words, it’s an outfit worth spending a little more on, in order to secure a good fit and quality, on top of style. If you’ve never had a bespoke suit, perhaps it’s time you retire that older one and head to a tailor for a custom one.

Now that you’re in the market for a new suit, whether it’s bespoke, made-to-measure or off-the-rack, scroll on for the best options about town.


Want your suit pronto and at an affordable price? Head to The Shirt Bar, a local menswear name with wares that span from T-shirts to dress shirts and off-the-rack suits, and multiple physical retail branches across the island. The brand began its journey designing and producing garments for many international labels, before it decided to start its own retail business, which means one can expect quality without having to pay top dollar.

Pricing: From S$99 for trousers, and from S$288 for a blazer.


You won’t miss Suit Supply’s expansive storefront at Ion Orchard, but those who prefer to do their suit shopping at home can get it done easily on its website, which offers an interactive made-to-measure feature that guides one to putting in all the necessary measurements, as well as selecting style elements according to your personal preferences. Suit Supply offers more than 1,000 Italian fabrics for selection and can deliver your custom suit in just two to three weeks.

Pricing: From S$259 for trousers, and from S$779 for a blazer.


You can have both formal and casual wear customised here, both online and in-store – from suits to shirts, chinos and even shorts – at relatively affordable prices. Besides quality house fabrics, Edit Suits Co also carries fine fabrics made by well-known European brands such as Loro Piana, Ermenegildo Zegna, Dormeuil, Holland & Sherry, and Vitale Barberis Canonico. There’s also a fit guarantee, which applies to garments made with measurements taken in-person or via the online QuickMeasure tool and makes your purchase risk-free.

Pricing: From S$749 for a two-piece suit.


A bespoke service is available by appointment here, as well as “made-to-measure” options that you can easily order on Made Suits’ website with your personal measurements. The latter offers a customisable option that is produced by making modifications to an existing pattern – a great in-between choice if you do not want an off-the-rack set and aren’t ready to go for a full bespoke suit yet.

Pricing: From S$1,199 for a two-piece suit, and from S$1,099 for a made-to measure two-piece suit.


Fine Italian craftsmanship combined and an aesthetic that’s classic yet has that distinctive contemporary touch. The prices might be high for an off-the-rack suit here – particularly if you compare them with those of a bespoke suit made locally – but you’d be getting the quality you’d expect for the money (that is if you’ve also got a physique that typically works well with off-the-rack fits and do not really require a custom fit).

Pricing: From about S$1,200 for trousers, and about S$3,800 for a blazer.


Another established Italian name – one that is well-known for its experience in making premium luxury fabrics, many of which are favoured by tailors for suit-making. Korean star Hyun Bin is outfitted in Loro Piana. You’ll find suit separates here for mixing and matching, along with styles in a range of colours, that are ideal for those looking to project a more fashion-forward image or inject a casual vibe into their outfit.

Pricing: From about S$3,300 for a blazer.


Having been in the business of making suits since 2004, Pimabs is a familiar name among grooms-to-be and men who have ever been in need of a bespoke suit in Singapore. Tailor Leslie Chan is skilled at crafting classic silhouettes, but can also accommodate special requests and make style recommendations for suits that are unconventional and fun, for those who’d like to inject a dash of personality in theirs.

Pricing: Available upon consultation.


A Savile Row experience in Singapore – that’s what this local men’s atelier specialising in suits promises. The team of tailors, headed by master tailor Thomas Wong, makes it very clear that they’re serious about the art of crafting bespoke men’s suits and will draft, cut, baste, sew and finish each commission entirely by hand. Every single step of the process is meticulously completed in-house, which is why you can expect prices that match the level of attention and care paid to every detail of the finished product.

Pricing: Available upon consultation.

Source: CNA/yy