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Remember Meteor Garden’s F4? The Taiwanese boyband is reuniting for a show

Gone are the flowy locks from their time in the popular drama series but fans are still super excited that Jerry Yan, Ken Chu, Vanness Wu and Vic Chou will perform together again.

Remember Meteor Garden’s F4? The Taiwanese boyband is reuniting for a show

Vanness Wu, Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou and Ken Chu of Taiwanese boyband F4. (Photo: Weibo)

This is something that is likely to reveal your age – if you know what F4 stands for and you can name its four members.

Jerry Yan, Vanness Wu, Ken Chu and Vic Chou first appeared in the drama series Meteor Garden in 2001 and later formed the popular Taiwanese boyband. They’ve released three albums: Meteor Rain in 2001, Fantasy 4ever in 2002 and Waiting For You in 2007.

It’s been many years since they performed together but the foursome will now be reuniting on Friday (Oct 30) on Jiangsu TV’s 1001 Night Festival. Their last public appearance was also for Jiangsu TV for its Spring Festival special in 2013. 

They released a short video clip promoting their upcoming appearance and it became the top real-time search on multiple social media platforms, including Weibo.

Fans are super excited about the reunion with many reminiscing about F4 being one of the first bands that they obsessed over in their youth.

Others, however, have been a little less kind with their comments, and have pointed out that a couple of the members – cough, Ken and Vanness, cough – are looking a little worse for wear. 

The consensus seems to be that Jerry is still looking pretty good. One fan commented: “He takes such good care of himself that he looks exactly the same, only manlier". 

It’s worth remembering that these guys were the original heartthrobs with their flowing locks and youthful good looks. Here’s a photo of the way they were.

The members of F4 in the drama series, Meteor Garden. (Photo: Pinterest)
Source: CNA/sr